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Creating Intermediate
Gradient Color Points
Xara Xtreme has no gradient editor
per se ; like most effects in the
program, you're at the controls
and you build custom multi-stage
gradients manually, using the tools
you see onscreen. Let's say you need
(or even faintly desire) to make a
dimensional-looking shaded sphere,
one that not only has light falloff from
the source of the lighting in the scene,
but also with the suggestion of a cache
light —sometimes called a “kick light”
that's pointed in the opposite direction
as the main light to help reveal deeply
shaded areas and give a sense of
roundness to a surface. Here's how:
With the Ellipse Tool, hold
(to constrain proportions) and then
drag down and right.
Choose the Fill Tool, and then choose the Circular
Fill Type style from the Infobar drop-down list for the
Drag the start control point for the gradient to about
11 o'clock, and then drag the end control point toward
5 o'clock.
Double-click a point on the gradient
Shape line and
fill reference at
bottom left of U
direction line that joins the start and
end control points. Your visual cue
that you're in the correct position
to add the point is that the cursor
features a hand below the cross hairs.
Doing this adds an intermediate
color point to the gradient; its color
is the same as the end point.
Click the end point, open the
Double-click to add
intermediate point
Start point
Color Editor, and then mix up an
interesting light color.
End point
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