Graphics Programs Reference
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Current line & fill colors
This box at the lower
left of the interface (not precisely a part of the Color
Line) indicates from moment to moment the color of
the outline and the fill. It shows the currently selected
color attributes; it shows the default values if no object
is selected and an object's color attributes if a shape is
selected. If several shapes are selected and they have
different fill and/or line properties, this box shows
nothing. Similarly, if a selected shape has no fill, this box
is blank. Line color is displayed by an edge around the
box, and the current fill color is displayed inside this color
edge. With gradients (discussed later in this chapter), this
box is split horizontally: the start color is shown at bottom
and the end color is shown in the top half.
Set 'No Color'
You click this box to the left of the
color swatches to remove the fill of a selected shape.
You can also drag the Set 'No Color' swatch on top of
an unselected shape to remove its fill. SHIFT - CLICK the Set
'No Color' box to remove the line color.
Special shapes for different swatches
By default,
the Standard Palette colors are listed on the Color Line;
they're indicated by a diamond swatch shape as are
most library colors you load on the Color Line from the
Color Gallery. To load a color library, you right-click the
folder icon on the Color Gallery and then choose Show
In Color Line from the pop-up menu. Named colors
are colors local to a document and a template; they are
represented by a square color swatch on the Color Line
and are not loaded to the Color Line from the Color
Gallery unless you choose Show In Color Line from the
right-click options. Naming colors is demonstrated later
in this chapter. Spot colors are additional colors to the
standard CMY and K color plates used in commercial
printing; for example, many commercial goods such
as snacks use packaging printed with CMYK inks and
then a special ink for the logo. The logo might be a
PANTONE color-matching metallic ink and this spot
color is shown on the Color Line in a circle (a spot ).
Examining the Color Editor
The Color Editor is your resource for mixing up custom colors
and adding them to the Color Line as named colors. However,
the Color Editor performs several other convenient functions,
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