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the list, and then check Arrange if it's not already checked. The
Arrange control bar appears above the Standard bar; if you
prefer to work with a floating bar, drag by the edge of the bar
into the drawing page.
You need to know three things before combining shapes:
The object that affects the outcome of a combination is
always the top object. For example, if a square is on top
of a circle and you choose Subtract Shapes, the result is
a donut with a square hole.
The object that affects the result shape is deleted. When,
for example you subtract a square from a circle, the
square goes away.
The result object inherits its properties from the top
object when you're adding shapes and from the back
object when you're subtracting shapes. When you
subtract an orange square from a blue circle, your donut
with the square hole is blue.
When you use Join Shapes or Subtract Shapes, if the top object is completely surrounded by the
underlying shape, you can retrieve the top, deleted shape. Press CTRL - K to clone the result shape,
move it away from the result shape, and then choose Arrange | Break Shapes. You now have
both original shapes. This trick doesn't work when you use Subtract Shapes if the top object only partially
intersects the bottom shape.
Figure 4-2 visually demonstrates four object combinations
that, with the artistic creation of special shapes, can quickly
produce exactly the result shape you need for a composition.
Combine shapes to
arrive at the shape you need.
A Shape Combination Exercise
The following steps show a very practical working example
of Boolean shape combination. You're going to use all
the skills you've learned so far in this chapter and design
an international Walk sign—a stylized human figure with
rounded corners—as a single object.
Open the document, walking.xar. The Object gallery
shows a bottom locked layer that contains an image of a
mannequin approximating the classic pose symbolizing
“It's okay to walk now; you're not going to get run over.”
Also, there is a hidden layer; in case you get into a jam, all
the individual pieces for this tutorial are provided for you.
Two shapes
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