Graphics Programs Reference
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Choose Distribute Equi-spaced from the Horizontal
Positions drop-down list. Click Apply. You can close
the Object Alignment palette now.
Ê ) key about
six times. By default, the Nudge distance is 1 pixel in
Xara; holding SHIFT increases the distance by 10 times.
SHIFT and then press the DOWN ARROW (
Combining Shapes
Adding and subtracting from a shape by using a different shape
is called a Boolean operation , after mathematician George
Boole, who devised algebra statements that use logical, plain
English declarations to describe conditions, such as “Show
me B but without any of A showing” and “Show me A and
B united.” In addition to the Join Shapes command in Xara
( CTRL - J ), you have four such Boolean operations called Combine
Shapes on the Arrange menu. All Xara operations for combining
shapes can also be displayed on a control bar, which you should
display now to witness some of the speed and power of putting
shapes together. Choose Window | Control Bars, scroll down
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