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Chapters 9-12
New York City's Most Famous
Any local could spend their entire life explaining what there is to do in New York City. The
thing is, it would never stop! There is so much to do in New York and it's constantly chan-
ging. Businesses are opening, and some are closing. Some areas become trendy, while others
fall off the wagon.
Although New York City hasn't been around thousands of years like international cities such
as Rome, Athens, London or Paris, it has packed a lot of history into mere centuries. The
skyscrapers, New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square, world-renowned museums, restaurants,
and bars, all make it difficult to make a trip to New York City and say you didn't experience
The next chapters of this guidebook dive deeper into some of the core neighborhoods of
New York City. Again, if we listed everything to do and see, you wouldn't be able to explore
on your own and find some of the best treasures.
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