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As we have talked about in the previous chapters, Manhattan is shaped in a grid-like pattern,
with the streets arranging from east to west and the Avenues arranged from North to South.
The streets go up in numbers from South to North Manhattan, while the Avenues mix num-
bers and names from East to West. Whether getting out of the subway or walking down the
street, you'll be able to get your bearings better with knowing which way is your direction.
Inside every New York Subway Station, you'll find large local maps of the area. These clear
and local maps make finding your destination relatively easy, as long as you follow the
streets. By using the Roadify App, you'll be able to have a clearer route, but if you prefer
to walk like a New Yorker, follow the grid-like organization of the streets. Attractions are
marked and posters are often advertising the destinations on walking routes from the subway
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