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Pepsi Cola Sign
Newly trending Long Island City is home to the Pepsi Cola Sign. Originally on top of the
Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant, it's new location in Gantry Plaza overlooks Manhattan and the
East River. During sunset or nighttime is best to view this iconic sign.
The Domino Sugar Factory
The now abandoned Domino Sugar Factory remains as one of New York City's architec-
tural icons, dominates the waterfront of hipster Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With rumors of
renovation to the area and removal of the factory, this iconic building is a limited gem and
a “must see” before it disappears with other early New York's Industrial buildings.
The Colegate Clock
Facing the Hudson River, this iconic clock can be found 100 meters next to New Jersey's
tallest skyscraper, the Goldman Sachs Tower. The 90-year-old clock faces the Hudson
River that survived even after the factory it adorned was demolished in 1988. It's best to
view this during sunset or nighttime to see the newly refurbished LED lights.
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