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muters are allowed to buy tickets through the NY Waterway App on their phones or with
East River Ferry
Starting in 2011, the Ferry offers stops from the Financial District, Midtown East, Brook-
lyn, Long Island City, and seasonally Governor's Island. Tickets are $4 one way during
the week day and $6 one way during the weekend. However, the ferry is a great option
to view the city and skyline from the water, as well as see hidden gems such as the aban-
doned Domino Sugar Factory, Pepsi-Cola sign in Long Island City, and Roosevelt Island.
Insider Tips: Check out these Hidden Gems!
While many tourists visit New York City to see the top sights, museums, and monuments,
many don't realize there are secret wonders right in front of them. Even true New Yorkers
miss some of these hidden gems! This concrete jungle may be loud and bright, but there
are tons of secrets waiting to be found all in sight…it just depends on how you get there!
While many get on the bus or travel by foot, traveling by water offers a different aspect and
view of the city. While on your next ferry, look for these views:
When the RMS Carpathia delivered the survivors of the world's most infamous ship disas-
ter the Titanic to Pier 54, the Unsinkable Molly Brown insisted on a lighthouse memorial
in honor of those who perished at sea. The lighthouse was originally on Manhattan's West
Side until 1967, where was moved and now resides on Manhattan's East Side at the South
Street Seaport. This eerie sight when viewed from the water takes special meaning.
Roosevelt Island
Renwick Smallpox Hospital is located between Manhattan and Long Island, on the small
strip of land known as Roosevelt Island. The vast immigration from Europe in the 19th to
20th century brought along sickness, and in return a need for this isolated hospital. After
the building was left in ruins with the hospital's closing, it was made a landmark in 1972,
and is currently under reconstruction. The beautiful Neo-Gothic styled building is prom-
inent on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, and should not be missed when traveling on
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