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are known by their names or numbers, not by their colors. If you become confused, you
will confuse a local even more if you are looking for the “orange line”. Look for A, or D,
or #6, not “blue”, “Orange”, or “green” trains.
To Take Express or Take Local Trains?
Because of Manhattan's grid like street structure, the subway lines are able to carry trains
faster over long distances because of the long avenues. The New York City subway lines
have both local trains that stop at every station, and express trains that use a different track
and that skip many stations. The express trains only stop at certain major intersecting sta-
tions. The express trains will have a filled in circle for every stop they take, while the local
trains have a hollow circle, as they take more stops.
For information on New York City's mammoth transit system, including fares and route
maps, go to .
Insider's Tip: Pick up a $7 Fun Pass —a one-day MetroCard good for unlimited rides for
one person on buses and subways (or, for $24, a seven-day unlimited-ride card; both are
also available at subway station vending machines).
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