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the Chelsea Market, the popular Standard Hotel, and a western view of the Empire
State Building.
The Statue of Liberty: Whether looking from Brooklyn Bridge, Battery
Park, or onboard the Staten Island Ferry, you cannot go to New York City
without seeing the Statue of Liberty. At a staggering 151 feet tall, the Statue
of Liberty is one of the most iconic statues today.
The Elevated Acre Park: Similar to the West Side's High Line, this park
offers amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, and the iconic
Statue of Liberty. This one-acre space offers area for locals to walk, lay out
in the sun, or even mini golf. From the water, view the small park in the Fin-
ancial District and see the obscure passage of grassy field caught between
two skyscrapers
Grand Central Terminal: Packed with history as well as angry commuting
locals, Grand Central Terminal is a New York treasure. This 100-year-old
station's impressive main concourse offers breathtaking cathedral-like win-
dows, ornate chandeliers, as well as a Constellation mural on the high ceil-
ings. Head to the Grand Central Concourse, where the food court offers an
oyster bar, famous Magnolia's Bakery treats, Shake Shack, and other New
York delicacies.
Times Square: A true New Yorker knows not to be caught dead in Times
Square during the day, especially when they have places to be or if it's the
holiday season. The hustle of Times Square is a nightmare to locals, but
that's not to say it's not treasured. As a tourist, it's a cultural hub of the
iconic digital billboard bright lights and busy streets that NYC is known
for. Although it's previous past was quite criminal, excited tourists snap-
ping selfies and sitting on the lighted bleachers above the TKTS booth now
overrun it . If you've never traveled to NYC, then Times Square is a must.
Bask in the neon lights, listen to the guitar-playing Naked Cowboy, and take
a photo with Spiderman or Batman. Head to the M&Ms store for souven-
irs, or get in line for discounted Broadway show tickets at the TKTS Dis-
count Ticket Booth (underneath the neon bleachers), watch the ball drop on
New Year's Eve or grab a a meal along Restaurant Row (West 46th Street,
between Eighth and Ninth Avenues).
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