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Deli (, or strolling the streets to view the street art, the LES filled
with buzzing restaurants and bars.
East Village
If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, the East Village is for you. Don't
be weary of the graffiti signed walls and flannel wearing hipsters. Instead, bask in the free-
dom of art. The East Village is known for its vibrant history in the arts and nightlife. Their
kitschy restaurants are unusual and delicious; so don't be afraid to go right in! Some of the
best coffee houses are in the East Village such as the East Village Coffee Lounge.
SoHo is known for its eclectic shopping, art galleries, and restaurants. The traditional
cobblestone streets of New York's past offer landmark cast iron buildings, which hold some
of the most unique and pricier shopping in the world. Whether looking for local boutiques,
chain retail stores, or high-end items, SoHo has every shop you could want.
The rapidly growing Brooklyn area of Williamsburg has a lot to offer if you're willing to
take the journey. The easiest access is by subway. The redefined Williamsburg area will
likely surprise you, as its recycled and renovated industrial buildings hold new apartment
buildings and local businesses. Bedford Avenue, the longest street in Brooklyn, is known
for its versatile nightlife and gorgeous brownstone buildings.
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