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more time here will do wonders for your budget. The major downside is that the London
Underground doesn't reach that far into the region, so public transport isn't as easy as else-
North London
Leafy North London is the city's more serene side, full of the pleasant and charming. It's got
the graceful aesthetics that sooth the soul and the relaxed atmosphere that pleases the heart.
Expect to find great restaurants, hundreds of outstanding places to drink, quirky organic
food markets, and a real taste of middle class London that hasn't been hit by the bulldozer.
Transport connections are excellent and the prices are reasonable, making North London
the best value choice for accommodation.
You won't find scores of attractions, although it's easy to stay occupied. For example, just
walking along Stoke Newington's high street can take a few hours as you dip into cute cafes
and charming second hand book shops. The local residents are a particularly proud bunch,
often refusing to travel anywhere “south of the river.” North London doesn't have the ex-
citement of elsewhere; great if you're wanting to avoid crowds but not the best for all night
West London
Home to the rich and famous and proud of its astronomical real estate prices, West London
is the aristocratic side to the city. Wide streets are overlooked by gorgeous Victorian town-
houses, shopping centers have an extravagant opulence, and there's more green space than
anywhere else in London. When the world's top fashion brands say they have a store in
London, they mean they have store in West London. It's an area for boutique shopping, ex-
ceptional fine dining, gorgeous architecture, and needing to dress to impress.
West London will blow a hole in almost every budget, the difference to Central London be-
ing that you're getting something unique for your money. So while a dinner for two might
cost £100 it's going to be outstanding food. The area has great transport connections so tak-
ing trips out to the West is easy to add into any day's itinerary. This is London at its grand
and glorious best, complete with yuppies (you might call them “preppies”) and residents
with serious wads of cash.
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