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Chapter 1
London at a Glance (North, South, East,
Map 1: London at a Glance
To understand London it's essential to deconstruct. You probably think of London as a big
capital city. Which it is...from a distance. Get up close and London is a patchwork of indi-
vidual villages, or boroughs as they're locally known. For over 1000 years, each has been
developing separately and organically. Take a look at the map and check out the names; trav-
eling between any two of them is like traveling to a new city. Chelsea is regal and grand,
full of luxuriant shopping experiences and Michelin star dining. Head a few miles south and
you're in Brixton, a place of dingy basement clubs and vivid graffitied streets. Most of the
famous attractions are packed into a tiny area in the very heart of the city, covering boroughs
like the City of London and South Bank in millions of camera wielding tourists.
Each has its own attractions, both iconic and alternative, and each has its own appeal. Some
boroughs are for partying, others for strolling hand in hand along graceful streets. Being in
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