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but full of heart. This guidebook celebrates both the traditional historic charm of the con-
crete jungle known, as New York City, as well as the hidden gems not the average tourist
will find.
New York City is what you make it. With that, what will you choose in your time visiting?
Will you head to Brooklyn, home of the “hipster”, sipping fresh cold dripped coffee and
talking about the latest off-Broadway play, underground band, or vintage boutique? Or, will
you head to the Bronx, grab a beer with a buddy, watch the famous New York Yankees
play, and eat some authentic Italian. What about strolling along one of the biggest shopping
streets in the world, 5 th Avenue, stopping at a gourmet deli, and dancing the night away in
SoHo? What will your New York be?
This guidebook takes you to both the traditional and beyond the average tour route. A true
New Yorker wrote this guidebook; one who has lived in multiple boroughs, worked in mul-
tiple neighborhoods, and drank anywhere they can find a bar after noon. Who else would
give you the best knowledge of where you can find the best pastrami sandwich or martini
at a moment's notice? As we've said before, this guidebook is to take you to places that
interest and excite you. New York is what you make of it. It won't create your itinerary, nor
will it tell you every little thing that is offered in this city. It would take years to fully under-
stand what New York has to offer. Even those born and raised in New York wouldn't claim
to have seen it all. This guidebook will be your essential pal that will nudge you along your
way, your beacon in sea of fast moving locals, and your guide through transportation, hot
spots, historical sites, and shopping.
But first, take it in.
Breathe in the city smog, chuckle at the angry New Yorker trying to get by you, and look
up at the skyscrapers in awe. This is the home of the American Dream; the land of ideas.
I hope you like caffeine, because you're going to need it to get through all that we have
to cover (and if you want to look like a real New Yorker you must have a coffee in your
Here's a quick rundown of our guide for easy reference.
Chapter 1: A brief overview of New York City -Historical knowledge on
its boroughs and neighborhoods to give you an initial understanding of the
city and its landscape.
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