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See You in the Big Apple!
Thanks for reading the guidebook. We mean it! Your eyes and interest keep us writing these
insightful guidebooks, and without you there wouldn't be a reason to creepily lurk from
street to street to get the inside scoop.
What was your favorite part about New York? Which story will be shared for years to come?
Was there a meal you'll hopelessly think about and recommend to all who are visiting? Or,
was there a moment where you truly felt like a “New Yorker”?
Did our guidebooks help you? We hope you saved some money, laughed at some of our
snarky New York comments, and enjoyed the piece of Pizza that may have tasted like heav-
Whatever you did in New York City, we like to think that this guidebook has gave you the
tools and insightful information to add to your tourism experience. From knowing where
the best cannolis were in Queens to getting that bottomless brunch in Hell's Kitchen, our
insider's tips come from those who have lived and breathed New York, and can call it their
home. Hopefully it showed you the tourist spots you were hoping to see, the amazing pic-
tures you'll always keep, and the hidden gems that you'll never forget.
We're always looking to improve our guidebooks. If this guidebook wasn't helpful then let
us know why. There's no point writing if it's not helpful to visitors. We won't take it person-
ally. Furthermore, because this is an electronic book, we know it's not going to end up in the
bin. Likewise, if there's something you really liked then we want to know about it.
Thanks again for reading. Again, don't take the New York Attitude offensive.
We really are good people…especially when there's a martini in our hands. But don't talk
bad about our Yankees or our mothers…ever.
Until next time!
Dagny Taggart
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