HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
As previously mentioned, Appendix A lists many of the web page editors that are cur-
rently available. For now, if you have a simple HTML editor, feel free to use it for the
examples in this topic. If all you have is a text editor, no problem; you'll just have to do
a little more typing.
In this lesson, you learned some basic points about what HTML is and how you define a
text document as a web page. You learned a bit about the history of HTML and the rea-
sons why the HTML specification has changed several times since the beginning. You
also learned how CSS can be used to augment your HTML. You created your first web
page with some basic tags. It wasn't so bad, was it? You also learned a bit about the cur-
rent standard version of HTML and XHTML, and how to apply styles using CSS. In the
following lesson, you expand on this and learn more about adding headings, text, and
lists to your pages.
Now that you've had an introduction to HTML and a taste of creating your first (simple)
web page, here's a workshop that will guide you toward more of what you'll learn. A
couple of questions and answers that relate to HTML formatting are followed by a brief
quiz and answers about HTML. The exercises prompt you to examine the code of a more
advanced page in your browser.
Q Can I do any formatting of text in HTML?
A You can do some formatting to strings of characters. CSS has superseded most
of the tags for formatting text, and nearly all of them have been removed from
HTML5; however, browsers still support the older text formatting elements,
and a few formatting tags do still remain. You'll learn some formatting tricks
in Lesson 7.
Q I'm using Windows. My word processor won't let me save a text file with an
extension that's anything except .txt . If I type in index.html , my word
processor saves the file as index.html.txt . What can I do?
A You can rename your files after you've saved them so that they have an .html or
.htm extension, but having to do so can be annoying if you have a large number of
files. Consider using a text editor or HTML editor for your web pages.
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