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1. How would you briefly define the meaning of the terms website , web server , and
web pages ?
2. In terms of web publishing, what's the meaning of the term home page ?
3. After you set a goal or purpose for your website, what's the next step to designing
your pages?
4. Regardless of the navigation structure you use in your website, there's one link that
should typically appear on each of your web pages. What is it?
5. What's the purpose of a storyboard?
Quiz Answers
1. A website is one or more web pages linked together in a meaningful way. A web
server is the actual computer that stores the website (or confusingly enough, the
piece of software that responds to requests for pages from the browser). Web pages
are the individual elements of the website, like a page is to a book.
2. A home page , in terms of web publishing, is the entry point to the rest of the pages
in your website (the first or topmost page).
3. After you set a goal or purpose for your website, you should try to organize your
content into topics or sections.
4. You should try to include a link to your home page on each of the pages in your
website. That way, users can always find their way back home if they get lost.
5. A storyboard provides an overall outline of what the website will look like when
it's done. It helps organize your web pages in a way that works for you. They are
most beneficial for larger websites.
1. Come up with a list of several goals that your visitors might have for your web
pages. The clearer your goals, the better.
2. After you set your goals, visit sites on the Web that cover topics similar to those
you want to cover in your own website. As you examine the sites, ask yourself
whether they're easy to navigate and have good content. Then make a list of what
you like about the sites. How would you make your website better?
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