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So, if you want to add a pet registry to a Drupal site, you could add a new content type
for pets with its own custom fields without modifying the database on your own or modi-
fying the Drupal source code at all. And finally, like WordPress, Drupal supports themes,
enabling you to customize the look and feel of a Drupal site.
The installation and setup of Drupal is similar to the process for WordPress and
MediaWiki. It's also a PHP application that uses MySQL as its database. Setting it up as
is as simple as updating the configuration file, uploading the application, and then per-
forming the steps advised in the web interface.
Instead of walking you through the precise steps to install yet another application, I'll go
straight into talking about some of the things you can do with Drupal. If you do want to
install it, you can check out the installation guide at
started/install. If you prefer, you can set up a hosted Drupal site at Drupal Gardens
( There's an advertising-supported version of Drupal available
there that you can use for free, and there are ad-free options to which you can subscribe.
Using Drupal
The easiest way to get started with Drupal is to sign up for a free account with Drupal
Gardens. After you've registered for a new account, you just have to choose a URL for
your site, and then you can start creating the site. Drupal Gardens starts by asking you
which features you're going to want to set up out of the box, as shown in Figure 22.12.
FIGURE 22.12
Creating your
Drupal site.
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