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once the Related Posts plug-in is activated. Then all I have to do is go to my single-page
archive post and find a spot for the related_posts() call to include the list of related
The biggest advantage of installing your own copy of WordPress is the vast number of
themes and plug-ins that are available. If you want to use WordPress but you don't want
to deal with the overhead of setting it up, you can create your own WordPress blog at
Many applications are available for publishing wikis. I've chosen to discuss MediaWiki
because it's written in PHP, so it can be installed at a wide range of web hosts, and
because it is relatively simple to set up. MediaWiki is also widely adopted, and it's the
plumbing for Wikipedia, the most popular wiki. Because of its popularity, the software is
undergoing constant improvement, and many extensions are available for the software.
The main downside of publishing a site using MediaWiki is that it won't give you a great
opportunity to use or improve your HTML skills. Content in MediaWiki is entered using
MediaWiki's internal markup language. MediaWiki markup is translated into HTML
tags, though, so even though you use different syntax, knowledge of how web pages are
constructed will still help you lay out your pages using MediaWiki's markup language.
Here's an example of MediaWiki markup:
== Sample Heading ==
This is a paragraph.
This is a paragraph containing '''Bold text'''.
Here's an [ outbound link].
And here's the equivalent in HTML:
<h2> Sample Heading </h2>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<p>This is a paragraph containing <b>Bold text</b>.</p>
<p>Here's an <a href=””>outbound link</a>.
The first thing you should notice is that unlike HTML, in MediaWiki markup, white-
space counts. When you skip lines between paragraphs, MediaWiki converts those breaks
into paragraph tags. Headings are specified using equals signs. Two equals signs are con-
verted to <h2> , four are converted to <h4> , and so on. MediaWiki markup can also be
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