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TypePad: A Hosted Blogging Application
As I've said before, the shortest route to using a content management system is to sign
up for a hosted application. You don't have to download the application, deal with a host-
ing provider, run installation scripts, or tweak configuration files. TypePad is a subscrip-
tion service for publishing a blog. It provides all the features you'd expect from a
blog—archives, user comments, and syndication feeds. You can use it without supplying
your own domain name, as long as you're willing to accept a name that ends with “type-,” and you don't even have to modify the templates if one of the default themes
is okay with you.
As soon as you've signed up for TypePad, you can start posting articles to your new
blog. Figure 22.1 shows a screenshot of the TypePad posting interface. It's fairly typical
of the posting interfaces in most content management systems. For blogs, the typical
properties of an article are title, category, and the article text. You can enter all those val-
ues in this form. TypePad also includes some basic workflow features. You can publish
the post immediately, save it as a draft, or schedule it to be published at a specific time.
The TypePad pub-
lishing interface.
To write a post and publish it, you just have to fill in the fields and click the Save button.
At that point, your post will appear on the public web page for your blog, as shown in
Figure 22.2.
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