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1. In PHP, strings in double quotes are parsed for variable references and special
characters before they are presented. Strings in single quotes are presented as is.
2. The include_once function does not return a fatal error if the file being included is
not found. With require_once , if the file is not found, a fatal error occurs and the
rest of the page is not processed.
3. You can use htmlspecialchars() to escape the characters used to generate HTML
tags for a page. You can use strip_tags() to remove any HTML tags from a
string. Either approach should prevent users from using malicious input to attempt
a cross-site scripting attack.
4. Associative arrays are declared as follows:
$array = ('key' => 'value, 'key2' => 'value2');
1. Get PHP up and running on your own computer.
2. Write a script that enables a user to show the current date and time on a web page.
3. Go to the PHP manual online and find a built-in function that wasn't introduced in
this lesson. Use it in a script of your own.
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