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Other numbers on the page provide insight into how users are interacting with your site.
Bounce Rate shows the percentage of users who leave after visiting your landing page
instead of sticking around to visit more pages on your site. The average pages per visit
and average time on site provide a further idea of the degree to which users are drilling
down on your site. In some cases, low numbers here may be fine. If your page is a set of
links to other sites, a high bounce rate and low time on the site may indicate that users
are finding what they're looking for and following the links. Your interpretation of the
statistics should be based on your goals.
Each of the reports on the Dashboard links to a report with more detailed information.
For example, if you click the report link for Traffic Sources, you'll see a more detailed
breakdown of where your traffic originated, including which search terms people used to
find your site.
One report shows which browsers and operating systems your visitors are using, so that
you can figure out which features your audiences will be able to take advantage of. Other
reports show how many of your users visited for the first time and how many are repeat
visitors. There are reports that show which sites link to yours. Keeping a close eye on
your Analytics reports will enable you to figure out which parts of your site are working
and which aren't, whether you use Google Analytics or some other analytics package.
In this lesson, you published your site on the Web through the use of a web server, either
one installed by you or that of a network provider. You learned what a web server does
and how to get one, how to organize your files and install them on the server, and how to
find your URL and use it to test your pages. You also learned the many ways that you
can advertise and promote your site, and how to use log files and Google Analytics to
keep track of the number of visitors. At last, you're on the Web and people are coming
to visit!
As always, we wrap up the lesson with a few questions, quizzes, and exercises. Here are
some pointers and refreshers on how to promote your website.
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