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After the page has been created, I can customize it in a variety of ways, controlling
who's allowed to post on it and what kinds of content they're allowed to post. The
Facebook page gives Facebook users who are interested in this topic a place to congre-
gate to discuss it, share links related to the topic, and meet one another.
Site Indexes and Search Engines
Nearly all web users know how to find things using search engines, and you'll want to
make sure that they can find your site. Search engines work by creating an index of all
the sites they can find. You need to be sure to add your site to the index when you pub-
lish it so that search engines will start including it in search results. As long as people
link to your site, search engines will find it eventually whether you tell them about it or
not, but asking them to index your site will ensure that it's added immediately. Here's a
list of the top four search engines: :
Ask Jeeves
I'm going to describe how to submit your sites to some of the popular search engines.
There's a set of interlocking relationships among search engine providers that can make
it difficult to keep track of who is providing search functionality for whom. The search
engines listed previously maintain their own indexes. After your site is included in their
index, it will be available via all the search engines that use their index, too.
The search engine descriptions are brief, and because of the
rapidly changing nature of the search engine industry, may be out
of date by the time you read them. For more information about
search engines, I strongly recommend Search Engine Watch at
Google is currently the most popular search engine. Its search results are ranked based
not only on how frequently the search terms appear on a listed page, but also on the
number of other pages in the index that link to that page. So, a popular page with thou-
sands of incoming links will be ranked higher than a page that has only a few incoming
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