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Cynthia Says is provided by HiSoftware, which produces software that helps manage
compliance issues for web content. They support Section 508 compliance among other
standards and regulations.
Further Reading
This lesson is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to handling accessibility on web-
sites. If you're going to make a commitment to creating an accessible site, you'll
probably want to research the issue further. Your first stop should be online accessi-
bility resources. The W3C provides a huge body of information on accessibility as
part of its Web Accessibility Initiative. The home page is
If you maintain a personal site, you might also find Mark Pilgrim's online book, Dive
into Accessibility (, to be a useful resource. Plenty of
other sites discuss accessibility, too. Just enter the word accessibility into your
favorite search engine to get a list.
There have also been several books written on web accessibility. Joe Clark's Building
Accessible Websites is well regarded. You can find out more about the topic at the
book's website:
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