HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
1. What are the three flavors of XHTML 1.0, and which of these three accommodates
the widest range of markup?
2. What are some ways you can organize your pages so that visitors can scan them
more easily?
3. True or false: Headings are useful when you want information to stand out because
they make the text large and bold.
4. True or false: You can reduce the download time of an image by using the width
and height attributes of the <img> tag to scale down the image.
5. Why does it improve performance to put your CSS in a linked style sheet rather
than including it on the page?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating one big web page versus
several smaller ones?
Quiz Answers
1. The three flavors of XHTML 1.0 are Transitional (designed for the widest range of
markup, including tags that are deprecated in the standard), Frameset (which
includes all tags in the Transitional specification, plus those for framesets), and
Strict (for those who want to stick to pure XHTML 1.0 tags and attributes).
2. You can use headings to summarize topics, lists to organize and display informa-
tion, and link menus for navigation, and you can separate long paragraphs with
important information into shorter paragraphs.
3. False. You should use headings as headings and nothing else. You can emphasize
text in other ways, or use a graphic to draw attention to an important point.
4. False. When you use the width and height attributes to make a large image appear
smaller on your page, it may reduce the dimensions of the file, but it won't
decrease the download time. The visitor still downloads the same image, but the
browser just fits it into a smaller space.
5. Putting your CSS in an external file enables the browser to cache the file so that it
doesn't have to download the same information as the user moves from one page
on the site to another.
6. The advantages of creating one large page are that one file is easier to maintain, the
links don't break, and it mirrors real-world document structure. The disadvantages
are that it has a longer download time, visitors have to scroll a lot, and the structure
is rigid and too linear.
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