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FIGURE 18.19
Implicit navigation
Implicit navigation links also can include tables of contents or other overviews
made up entirely of links.
Definitions of words or concepts make excellent links, particularly if you're creat-
ing large networks of pages that include glossaries. By linking the first instance of
a word to its definition, you can explain the meaning of that word to visitors who
don't know what it means without distracting those who do. Figure 18.20 shows an
example of this type of link. (You could also use a DHTML effect to display the
definition without requiring the user to follow the link.)
FIGURE 18.20
Definition links.
Finally, links to tangents and related information are valuable when the text content
will distract from the main purpose of the page. Think of tangent links as footnotes
or endnotes in printed text (see Figure 18.21). They can refer to citations to other
works or to additional information that's interesting but isn't necessarily directly
relevant to the point you're trying to make.
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