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FIGURE 18.14
DON'T: Links in
text that don't
work well.
Figure 18.15 shows one way to restructure the previous example. The most important
items on the page are the name of the conference, the events, and the dates on which
they occur. You can restructure the page so that this information stands out. As you can
see in Figure 18.15, presenting the events in a preformatted text table makes the impor-
tant information stand out from the rest.
FIGURE 18.15
DO: Restructuring
the links in the
Probably the easiest way to figure out whether you're creating links within text properly
is to print out the formatted web page from your browser. In hard copy, without hyper-
text, does the paragraph still make sense? If the page reads funny on paper, it'll read
funny online, too.
The revisions don't always have to be as different as they are in this example.
Sometimes, a simple rephrasing of sentences can make the text on your pages more read-
able and more usable, both online and when printed.
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