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The goals do not have to be lofty (“this website will bring about world peace”) or even
make much sense to anyone except you. Still, coming up with goals for your Web docu-
ments prepares you to design, organize, and write your web pages specifically to reach
these goals. Goals also help you resist the urge to obscure your content with extra infor-
If you're designing web pages for someone else—for example, if you're creating the
website for your company or if you've been hired as a consultant—having a set of goals
for the site from your employer definitely is one of the most important pieces of informa-
tion you should have before you create a single page. The ideas you have for the website
might not be the ideas that other people have for it, and you might end up doing a lot of
work that has to be thrown away.
Breaking Up Your Content into Main
With your goals in mind, try to organize your content into main topics or sections,
chunking related information together under a single topic. Sometimes the goals you
came up with in the preceding section and your list of topics will be closely related. For
example, if you're putting together a web page for a bookstore, the goal of ordering
topics fits nicely under a topic called, appropriately, “Ordering Books.”
You don't have to be exact at this point in development. Your goal here is just to try to
come up with an idea of what, specifically, you'll be describing in your web pages. You
can organize the information better later, as you write the actual pages.
Suppose that you're designing a website about how to tune up your car. This example is
simple because tune-ups consist of a concrete set of steps that fit neatly into topic head-
ings. In this example, your topics might include the following:
Change the oil and oil filter.
Check and adjust engine timing.
Check and adjust valve clearances.
Check and replace the spark plugs.
Check fluid levels, belts, and hoses.
Don't worry about the order of the steps or how you're going to get your visitors to go
from one section to another. Just list the points you want to describe in your website.
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