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1. A frameset document is the HTML document that contains the definition of the
frameset. A frameset is the portion of the frameset document that is defined by the
<frameset> tag, which instructs the browser to divide the window into multiple
sections. A frame is one of the sections, or windows, within a frameset. The page
is the web document that loads within a frame.
2. The target attribute of the <a> tag directs linked pages to load into the appropriate
3. When a web page includes the <frameset> element, it cannot include the <body>
element at the beginning of the page. They're mutually exclusive.
4. The cols and rows attributes of the <frameset> tag divide the browser window
into multiple frames.
5. The src attribute of the <frame> tag defines the HTML document that first loads
into the frameset.
1. Create a frameset that divides the browser window into three sections, as follows:
The left section of the frameset will be a column that spans the entire height
of the browser window and will take up one-third of the width of the browser
window. Name this frame contents .
Divide the right section of the frameset into two rows, each taking half the
height of the browser window. Name the top section top and the bottom sec-
tion bottom .
2. For the preceding frameset, create a page that you will use for a table of contents
in the left frame. Create two links on this page, one that loads a page in the top
frame and another that loads a page in the bottom frame.
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