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As if you haven't had enough already, here's a refresher course of questions, quizzes, and
exercises that will help you remember some of the most important points you learned in
this lesson.
Q Is there any limit to how many levels of <frameset> tags I can nest within a
single screen?
A No, there isn't a limit. Practically speaking, however, the available window space
starts to become too small to be usable when you get below about four levels.
Q What would happen if I included a reference to a frameset document within a
<frame> tag?
A Most browsers that support frames handle such references correctly by treating the
nested frameset document as a nested <frameset> . In fact, this technique is used
regularly to reduce the complexity of nested frames.
One limitation does exist, however: You cannot include a reference to the current
frameset document in one of its own frames. This situation, called recursion ,
causes an infinite loop.
1. What are the differences between a frameset document , a frameset , a frame , and a
page ?
2. When you create links to pages that are supposed to load into a frameset, what
attribute makes the pages appear in the right frame? (Hint: It applies to the <a> ele-
3. When a web page includes the <frameset> element, what element cannot be used
at the beginning of the HTML document?
4. What two attributes of the <frameset> tag divide the browser window into multi-
ple sections?
5. What attribute of the <frame> tag defines the HTML document that first loads into
a frameset?
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