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Task: Exercise 17.7: Adding Your noframes Content
Although you have a frameset that works perfectly now, there's another feature you need
to add to it. Remember, some people who visit your frames page won't be using frames-
compatible browsers. The following addition to the frameset page creates some content
that they'll see when they open the frameset.
Once again, open the frameset.html page. At this point, your code looks like the fol-
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Why I'm Away </title>
<frameset cols=”125,*”>
<!— this loads the choices page into the left frame —>
<frame src=”choice.html” name=”left”>
<frameset rows=”60,*”> <!-- the frame for column 2 -->
<frame src=”away.html” name=”top”> <!-- has been replaced -->
<frame src=”reason1.html” name=”main”> <!-- with an embedded -->
</frameset> <!-- frameset block -->
Immediately after the last </frameset> tag and before the final </html> tag, insert the
following <noframes>...</noframes> element and content:
<h1>I 'm Away from My Desk, because ... </h1>
<li> Reason 1 - <a href=”reason1.html”> I forgot my lunch at home. </a></li>
<li> Reason 2 - <a href=”reason2.html”> I'm flirting by the water
cooler. </a></li>
<li> Reason 3 - <a href=”reason3.html”> None of your business. </a></li>
<li> Reason 4 - <a href=”reason4.html”> I'm out to lunch. </a></li>
<li> Reason 5 - <a href=”reason5.html”> The boss just called me in his
office. </a></li>
<li> Reason 6 - <a href=”reason6.html”> I just got fired. </a></li>
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