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What Do You Want to Do on the Web?
This question might seem silly. You wouldn't have bought this topic if you didn't already
have some idea of what you want to put online. But maybe you don't really know what
you want to put on the Web, or you have a vague idea but nothing concrete. Maybe it has
suddenly become your job to work on the company website, and someone handed you
this topic and said, “Here, this will help.” Maybe you just want to do something similar
to some other web page you've seen and thought was particularly cool.
What you want to put on the Web is what I refer to throughout this topic as your content.
Content is a general term that can refer to text, graphics, media, interactive forms, and so
on. If you tell someone what your web pages are about, you're describing your content.
What sort of content can you put on the Web? Just about anything you want to. Here are
some of the types of content that are popular on the Web right now:
Stuff for work —Perhaps you work in the accounting department and you need to
publish the procedure for filing expense reports on your company's intranet. Or
you're a software developer and you need to publish the test plan for your com-
pany's next software release on an internal web server. Chances are that you can
publish some information on a web page at work that will save you from having to
type it into an email every time someone asks you about it. Try it!
Personal information —You can create pages describing everything anyone could
ever want to know about you and how incredibly marvelous you are—your hob-
bies, your resumé, your picture, things you've done.
Blogs and journals —Many people publish their journals or their opinions on a
blog. Many people use content management applications to publish their journals
or blogs, but knowing HTML is still helpful for changing the look and feel of your
site and sprucing up your individual entries or articles.
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