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1. What's the basic function of a web server?
2. How can you obtain an Internet connection?
3. What are default index files, and what's the advantage of using them in all
4. What are some things that you should check immediately after you upload your
web pages?
5. Name some of the ways that you can promote your website.
6. What's a hit?
7. What are the advantages of using an all-in-one submission page to promote your
Quiz Answers
1. A web server is a program that sits on a machine on the Internet (or an intranet). It
determines where to find files on a website and keeps track of where those files are
2. You can obtain an Internet connection through school, work, or commercial
Internet or web services, or you can set up your own web server.
3. The default index file is loaded when a URL ends with a directory name rather
than a filename. Typical examples of default index files are index.html ,
index.htm , and default.htm . If you use default filenames, you can use a URL
such as rather than to
get to the home page in the directory.
4. Make sure that your browser can reach your web pages on the server, that you can
access the files on your website, and that your links and images work as expected.
After you've determined that everything appears the way you think it should, have
your friends and family test your pages in other browsers.
5. Some ways you can promote your site include major web directories and search
engines, listings on business cards and other promotional materials, and web rings.
6. A hit is a request for any file from your website.
7. An all-in-one submission page enables you to submit your URL to several different
site promotion areas and web robots simultaneously. Some provide a small number
of submissions for free and a larger number of submissions for an additional fee.
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