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Introducing JavaScript
JavaScript is a scripting language that's used to turn web pages into
applications. Like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) , JavaScript can be incor-
porated into web pages in a number of ways. JavaScript is used to manip-
ulate the contents of a web page or to allow users to interact with web
pages without reloading the page.
This is the first of three lessons in a row on JavaScript. In this lesson, I
explain how JavaScript works and how to use it in your pages. In the next
lesson, “Using JavaScript in Your Pages,” I walk you through some real-
world examples, and then in the following lesson, “Using JavaScript
Libraries,” I introduce some third-party libraries that you can use to make
your life as a JavaScript programmer much easier. In this lesson, you
learn about the basics of JavaScript by exploring the following topics:
What JavaScript is
Why you would want to use JavaScript
The <script> tag
An overview of the JavaScript language
The browser as a programming environment
Using JavaScript to handle browser events
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