HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Laying Out the Page
This lesson brings together many of the techniques you've learned in previous lessons for
using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properties to lay out an entire page or even an entire
website. You won't need to misuse HTML <table> elements for page layout now that
you have reliable CSS techniques for layout in your repertoire.
The examples this lesson use a redesigned version of the website for the Dunbar Project
in Tucson, Arizona. The site as it appeared before the makeover is shown in Figure 13.1.
It is mostly a dark teal color, and although it's not bad, it could be improved through the
use of CSS, as you'll see.
The Dunbar
Project's original
The Problems with Layout Tables
Figure 13.2 shows the source view for the original version of the Dunbar Project website,
which was not designed with CSS. Instead, multiple nested <table> tags provide the
page layout, and <font> is used extensively.
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