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The Web Is Interactive
Interactivity is the capability to “talk back” to the web server. More traditional media,
such as television, isn't interactive in the slightest; all you do is sit and watch as shows
are played at you. Other than changing the channel, you don't have much control over
what you see. The Web is inherently interactive; the act of selecting a link and jumping
to another web page to go somewhere else on the Web is a form of interactivity. In addi-
tion to this simple interactivity, however, the Web enables you to communicate with the
publisher of the pages you're reading and with other readers of those pages.
For example, pages can be designed to contain interactive forms that readers can fill out.
Forms can contain text-entry areas, radio buttons, or simple menus of items. When the
form is submitted, the information typed by readers is sent back to the server from which
the pages originated. Figure 1.4 shows an example of an online form.
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