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Little Brother .
The pictures throughout this topic usually are taken in Safari run-
ning on Mac OS X. The only reason for this use is that I'm writing
this topic on an Apple Macintosh. If you're using a different oper-
ating system, don't feel left out. As I noted earlier, the glory of the
Web is that you see the same information regardless of the plat-
form you use.
For some sites, the capability to update the site on-the-fly, at any moment, is precisely
why the site exists. Figure 1.2 shows the home page for Yahoo! News, an online news
site that's updated 24 hours a day to reflect up-to-the-minute news as it happens. Because
the site is up and available all the time, it has an immediacy that neither hard-copy news-
papers nor most television news programs can match. Visit Yahoo! News at
These days, you don't even need to reload a web page to receive updated information.
Through the use of JavaScript, which I discuss starting in Lesson 14, “Introducing
JavaScript,” you can update the contents of a page in real time. The scores and statistics
on the NBA game page in Figure 1.3 are updated in place as the game progresses.
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