HTML and CSS Reference
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FIGURE 11.14
You can use
select form
controls to create
pull-down menus.
To create a scrollable list of items, just include the size attribute in the opening select
tag, like this:
<select name=“location” size=“3”>
Figure 11.15 shows the same select element as Figure 11.14, except that the size
attribute is set to 3 . Setting the size to 3 indicates that the browser should display three
options simultaneously.
FIGURE 11.15
You also can
create scrollable
lists using the
select element.
To see the fourth item, the user would have to use the scrollbar built in to the select list.
By default, the value inside the <option> tag specifies both what is displayed in the form
and what's sent back to the server. To send a value other than the display value to the
server, use the value attribute. The following code, for example, causes bw499 to be sub-
mitted to the server as the value associated with the Courses field instead of Basket
Weaving 499 :
<select name=“courses”>
<option value=“p101”> Programming 101 </option>
<option value=“e312”> Ecomomics 312 </option>
<option value=“pe221”> Physical Education 221 </option>
<option value=“bw499”> Basket Weaving 499 </option>
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