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Designing Forms
Up to this point, you've learned almost everything you need to know to
create functional, attractive, and somewhat interactive web pages. If you
think about it, however, the pages you've created thus far have a one-way
information flow. This lesson is about creating HTML forms to collect
information from people visiting your website. Forms enable you to gather
just about any kind of information for immediate processing by a server-
side script or for later analysis using other applications
This lesson covers the following topics, which enable you to create any
type of form possible with HTML:
Discovering how HTML forms interact with server-side scripts to
provide interactivity
Creating simple forms to get the hang of it
Learning all the types of form controls you can use to create radio
buttons, check boxes, and more
Using more advanced form controls to amaze your friends and
Planning forms so that your data matches any server-side scripts
you use
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