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<td> 10 </td>
<td> 20 </td>
Figure 10.3 shows examples of both types of empty cells: the empty cell and the really
empty cell with the line break added.
Empty cells and
really empty cells.
Table captions tell your visitor what the table is for. The <caption> element, created just
for this purpose, displays the text inside the tag as the table caption (usually centered
above the table). Although you could use a regular paragraph or a heading as a caption
for your table, tools that process HTML files can extract <caption> elements into a sep-
arate file, automatically number them, or treat them in special ways simply because
they're captions.
If you don't want a caption, it's optional. If you just want a table
and don't care about a label, leave the caption off.
The <caption> element goes inside the <table> element just before the table rows, and
it contains the title of the table. It closes with the </caption> tag:
<caption> Vital Statistics </caption>
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