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1. The most important attribute of the <img> tag is the src attribute. It indicates the
filename or URL of the image you want to include on your page.
2. Several things might cause an image not to load: The URL may be incorrect; the
filename might not be correct (they're case-sensitive); it might have the wrong file
extension; or it might be the wrong type of file.
3. It's a good idea to provide text alternatives with images because some people use
text-only browsers or have their graphics turned off. It's especially important to
provide text alternatives for images used as links.
4. An imagemap is a special image in which different areas point to different loca-
tions on the Web.
5. It's a good idea to include text versions of imagemap links in case there are users
who visit your page with text-only browsers or with images turned off. This way,
they can still follow the links on the web page and visit other areas of your web-
6. True. The property will work only if you enter the values in the proper order.
1. Create or find some images that you can use as navigation icons or buttons on one
or more pages of your website. Remember that it's always advantageous to use
images more than once. Create a simple navigation bar that you can use on the top
or bottom of each page.
2. Create or find some images that you can use to enhance the appearance of your
web pages. After you find some that you like, try to create background, text, and
link colors that are compatible with them.
3. Create and test a simple client-side imagemap that links to pages that reside in dif-
ferent subdirectories in a website or to other sites on the World Wide Web.
4. Create and test a client-side imagemap for your own home page, or for the entry
page in one of the main sections of your website. Remember to include alternatives
for those who are using text-only browsers or browsers designed for the disabled.
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