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To specify the colors in the hexadecimal format, you merge the hexadecimal equivalents
into a single number, like this:
#000000 /* Black */
#FFFFFF /* White */
#FF0000 /* Red */
#660099 /* Purple */
Browsers also support specifying colors by name. Instead of using numbers, you just
choose a color name such as Black, White, Green, Maroon, Olive, Navy, Purple, Gray,
Red, Yellow, Blue, Teal, Lime, Aqua, Fuchsia, or Silver.
Although color names are easier to read and remember than the numbers, only a few col-
ors have names that are well supported by web browsers. Most people tend to use one of
the two numeric formats when specifying colors.
There are also a number of websites that are designed to help web designers choose col-
ors. One of the best is Color Schemer at It
enables you to view several colors next to each other to see how they match, and will
even suggest colors that match the ones you choose. The current Color Schemer interface
appears in Figure 9.17.
Color Schemer.
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