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Figure 9.6 shows the Robert Bridges poem from the previous section with the world
image unaligned, the sun image aligned to the top of the line, the star image aligned to
the middle, and the atom aligned to the bottom of the text.
Love, from whom the world
<img src=”world.gif” /> begun, <br />
Hath the secret of the sun.
<img src=”sun.gif” align=”top” /><br />
Love can tell, and love alone, Whence the million stars
<img src=”star.gif” align=”middle” /> were strewn <br />
Why each atom <img src=”atom.gif” align=”bottom” />
knows its own. <br />
—Robert Bridges
Images unaligned,
aligned top,
aligned middle,
and aligned
In addition to the preceding values, several other nonstandard values for align provide
greater control over precisely where the image will be aligned within the line. The fol-
lowing values are unevenly supported by browsers and have been superseded by CSS
equivalents, too.
Aligns the top of the image with the top of the tallest
text in the line (whereas align=“top” aligns the
image with the topmost item in the line). Use verti-
cal-align: text-top in CSS instead.
Aligns the middle of the image with the middle of the
largest item in the line. ( align=“middle” usually
aligns the middle of the image with the baseline of the
text, not its actual middle.) No CSS equivalent.
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