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but as a possession for all time.
< /html>
A page that uses
relative positioning
for an element.
You can spot the problem right away on this pageā€”the relatively positioned element
overlaps the paragraph above it. I used a negative value for the top property to move the
element up 50 pixels, and also moved it to the left 50 pixels. The hole where the content
would normally be positioned if I were using static positioning remains exactly the same
as it would had I not moved the element, thus creating whitespace before the third para-
graph. However, due to the positioning, the paragraph has been moved up so that it over-
laps the one above it.
By default, the backgrounds of elements on an HTML page are transparent. I added a
background color to the relatively positioned box to more clearly illustrate how my page
works. If I remove the background-color property from class two , the page looks like
the one in Figure 8.18.
In this example, transparency is probably not the effect I'm looking for. However, taking
advantage of this transparency can be a useful effect when you create text blocks that
partially overlap images or other nontext boxes.
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