HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
1. What are the differences between logical character styles and physical character
2. What are some things that the <pre> (preformatted text) tag can be used for?
3. What's the most common use of the <address> tag?
4. Older versions of HTML provided ways to align and center text on a web page.
What's the recommended way to accomplish these tasks in HTML 4.01?
5. Without looking at Table 7.2, list all eight logical style tags and what they're used
for. Explain why you should use the logical tags rather than the physical tags.
Quiz Answers
1. Logical styles indicate how the highlighted text is used (citation, definition, code,
and so on). Physical styles indicate how the highlighted text is displayed (bold,
italic, or monospaced, for example).
2. Preformatted text can be used for text-based tables, code examples, ASCII art, and
any other web page content that requires extra spaces to align characters.
3. The <address> tag is most commonly used for signature-like entities on a web
page. These include the name of the author of the web page, contact information,
dates, copyright notices, or warnings. Address information usually appears at the
bottom of a web page.
4. Alignment and centering of text can be accomplished with style sheets, which is
the recommended approach in HTML 4.01.
5. The eight logical styles are <em> (for emphasized text), <strong> (for bold text),
<code> (for programming code), <samp> (similar to <code> ), <kbd> (to indicate
user keyboard input), <var> (for variable names), <dfn> (for definitions), and
<cite> (for short quotes or citations). Logical tags rely on the browser to format
their appearance.
1. Now that you've had a taste of building your first thorough web page, take a stab at
your own home page. What can you include that would entice people to dig deeper
into your pages? Don't forget to include links to other pages on your site.
2. Try out your home page in several browsers and even on multiple platforms if you
have access to them. Web developers have to get used to the fact that their designs
are at the mercy of their users, and it's best to see right away how different
browsers and platforms treat pages.
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