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The <pre> tag is also excellent for converting files that were originally in some sort of
text-only form, such as mail messages or Usenet news postings, into HTML quickly and
easily. Just surround the entire content of the article within <pre> tags and you have
instant HTML, as in the following example:
Subject: Tales of the Move From Hell, pt. 1
I spent the day on the phone today with the entire household
services division of northern California, turning off services,
turning on services, transferring services and other such fun
things you have to do when you move.
It used to be you just called these people and got put on hold for
and interminable amount of time, maybe with some nice music, and
then you got a customer representative who was surly and hard of
hearing, but with some work you could actually get your phone
turned off.
One creative use of the <pre> tag is to create ASCII art for your web pages. The follow-
ing HTML input and output example shows a simple ASCII-art cow:
< pre >
( )
Moo (oo)
|| | \
||—-W|| *
|| ||
< /pre >
Figure 7.5 displays the result.
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