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Diameter Distance Time to Time to
(miles) from Sun Orbit Rotate
of miles)
Mercury 3100 36 88 days 59 days
Venus 7700 67 225 days 244 days
Earth 7920 93 365 days 24 hrs
Mars 4200 141 687 days 24 hrs 24 mins
Jupiter 88640 483 11.9 years 9 hrs 50 mins
Saturn 74500 886 29.5 years 10 hrs 39 mins
Uranus 32000 1782 84 years 23 hrs
Neptune 31000 2793 165 days 15 hrs 48 mins
Pluto 1500 3670 248 years 6 days 7 hrs
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Figure 7.4 shows how it looks in a browser.
A table created
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When you're creating text for the <pre> tag, you can use link tags and character styles
but not element tags such as headings or paragraphs. You should break your lines with
hard returns and try to keep your lines to 60 characters or fewer. Some browsers might
have limited horizontal space in which to display text. Because browsers usually won't
reformat preformatted text to fit that space, you should make sure that you keep your text
within the boundaries to prevent your readers from having to scroll from side to side.
Be careful with tabs in preformatted text. The actual number of characters for each tab
stop varies from browser to browser. One browser might have tab stops at every fourth
character, whereas another may have them at every eighth character. You should convert
any tabs in your preformatted text to spaces so that your formatting isn't messed up if it's
viewed with different tab settings than in the program you used to enter the text.
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