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You can nest character tags—for example, using both bold and italic for a set of charac-
ters—as follows:
<b><i> Text that is both bold and italic </i></b>
However, the result on the screen is browser-dependent, like all HTML tags. You won't
necessarily end up with text that's both bold and italic. You might end up with one style
or the other:
<p> In Dante's <i> Inferno </i> , malaboge was the eighth circle of hell,
and held the malicious and fraudulent. </p>
<p> All entries must be received by <b> September 26, 1999 </b> . </p>
<p> Type <tt> lpr -Pbirch myfile.txt </tt> to print that file. </p>
<p> Sign your name in the spot marked <u> Sign Here </u> : </p>
<p> People who wear orange shirts and plaid pants <s> have no taste </s>
are fashion-challenged. </p>
<p> RCP floor mats give you <big> big </big> savings over the
competition! </p>
<p> Then, from the corner of the room, he heard a <small> tiny voice
</small> . </p>
<p> In heavy trading today. Consolidated Orange Trucking
rose <sup> 1 </sup> / <sub> 4 </sub>
points on volume of 1,457,900 shares. </p>
Figure 7.2 shows some of the physical tags and how they appear.
Physical styles
displayed in a
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