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A common mistake is to put a hash sign in both the anchor name
and in the link to that anchor. You use the hash sign only to sepa-
rate the page and the anchor in the link. Anchor names should
never have hash signs in them.
So, with the new link to the new section, the See Also line looks like this:
<p><em> See Also </em>
<a href=”b.html#byrd”> Byrd </a> ,
Gibbons, Lassus, Monteverdi, Morley, Weelkes, Wilbye </p>
Of course, you can go ahead and add anchors and links to the other parts of the reference
for the remaining composers.
With all your links and anchors in place, test everything. Figure 6.13 shows the
Madrigals section with the link to Byrd ready to be selected.
The Madrigals sec-
tion with a link to
Figure 6.14 shows the screen that pops up when you select the Byrd link. If the page fits
entirely within the window, the browser will not move down to the anchor, so you may
need to reduce the size of your browser window to see how the link to the anchor takes
you to the correct spot on the page.
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