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Other Uses for Lists
Lists have moved a long way past simple bullets. As it turns out, lists are useful when
designing web pages because of the structure they provide. Semantically speaking, there
are many common elements of web design that naturally lend themselves to list-like
structures. Here are some advanced examples of how lists are used that combine a num-
ber of concepts that will be introduced throughout the topic.
Many websites have lots of navigation links to present, and to keep from cluttering up
the page, they use nested pull-down menus similar to those used in desktop applications.
In this lesson, you've already seen that you can create nested lists in HTML. You can put
your navigation links in such lists and then use CSS to radically change their appearance
so that rather than looking like other lists, they instead look and behave like menus.
There's an example of such menus in Figure 5.9.
Pull-down naviga-
tion menus
using lists.
Using a combination of JavaScript and CSS, you can turn a standard HTML list into
a sortable user interface element for a web application. You can see an example in
Figure 5.10.
A sortable list.
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